Sunday, April 29, 2012

Murky Weekend

Have been away staying near Scarborough and it has been a mixed weekend!! Took all the family for a treat as it is someone's "special day" tomorrow (my husband Scott’s birthday in case you were wondering). I normally go down to Cober hill on my own for the HOT Lapidus writing retreat and stay over but decided to treat us all to a luxury hotel. Well I was very disappointed and the weather didn't help as the others found little to do in the rain!!

Anyway I had a wonderful day at Cober Hill with my writing pals and came away with a renewed sense of purpose. When I got home and checked my email I found that the Poetry and Medicine Symposium organisers have asked if I might chair a Q&A session in London after my talk on May 12th - yes please... I'll end up nervous and slightly neurotic on the day but I know this is a good thing and that taking my story about writing poetry with someone is also a great message to take.

I will write more once I know what I am going to say and with any luck like last year there will be podcast so you can see me waving my arms about as I talk enthusiastically about poetry!!

I have also got to finish (start) the final assignment for the coaching course so there will be some panic and procrastination in the next couple of weeks! Also with the art course with Mandy I am looking forward to improving my visual art skills and exploring how I might find ways of sharing my fascination with the North Pennine’s landscape.

See below a photo collage that I will be using as inspiration. I like these collages and intend to use them more and also see how I can put them onto postcards with poems.

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