Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making Connections

I often get frustrated at the lack of progress in relation to improving care and ensuring health care delivery in 21st century will be delivered by caring and compassionate practitioners. I often feel too far removed from practice to really make a difference but I also am not sure whether I would be able to fit in to health care environments again. After all it is no accident that I have been working in Higher education for over 15 years. Now I am the other side of my half century I feel liberated from expectation. I have been sad and frustrated at not getting my PhD but I have also developed so much in the last 7 years it is sometimes difficult to recognise the person I was and the career trajectory I had set myself. I keep learning more about myself and I have not been afraid to share this with others.
One of methods of procrastination when I have an essay to write is to surf the internet and seek out anybody else thinking about the same issues I tend to chunter on about. In those travels I have communicated with arts practitioners in Canada (  
a medic in New Zealand ( )
and a leader in Nurse Education in Scotland ( ).

Making these connections fuels my curiosity and provides motivation and energy for continuing to make links between my nursing past, present and future and my creative coaching skills that are emerging as a surprisingly important element of my identity.


It is easier to guess
what is coming next
than really pay attention
to what people want to say.

Quicker to mind read expectations,
presume the starting point
anticipate the end.

More efficient to not ask questions,
repeat nothing.
Professional to hope they won’t want
more from you
than you can give.

Safer to close the door
when they have gone.

hope they don’t hear you sigh.

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