Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday wanderings

Not sure why this title but my thoughts have been all over the place today. Started with another session at the Aphasia Centre (NETA)    and again was truly humbled by the people there and the work they do. Both the therapists and the people with experience of aphasia. The haiku, below, come from my observations.
Also came across Kathleen Jamie's new book Sightlines and it made me think about my ambition to write about the intersection between human beings and nature. it fascinates me but i don't know how to write about it effectively. Kathleen Jamie and Alice Oswald have gone before and are peerless in their work.
 I write from my observations of people and by listening better. I have become really interested in improving my listening - lengthening my attention span and on hearing properly and paying attention. Came across I-poems devised by Carol Gilligan as a method for data analysis in qualitative research. Am finding out more for my final assessment on the coaching course. I have stopped worrying about the mark I get and read to understand myself and coaching practice. I am interested in how to listen more attentively and also to stop putting words into people's mouths - staying silent for longer....

Speech Marks

slippery, tricky, spiky
like barbed wire fences

try small adjustments
being positive, most days,
making moves forward

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