Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missing Monday (again)

Not sure what happened yesterday but I didn’t get round to writing anything. Had a good day and enjoyed exploring my coaching experience over the last 6 months and beginning to capture all of it in a coherent way for the final assignment.
I can see distinct possibilities in developing my career into developmental work rather then educating student nurses. I just have to be brave about it.
I also can see how I can harness my creative abilities and also develop my visual language and art. I get frustrated at the time it takes BUT also know that this is a good thing and that a quick fix is not always the most satisfying.
Have been thinking about what course to do next and whether to go for a longer art course over a few weeks to help develop my artistic side. I would love to find a way of capturing the post-industrial landscape around me in new and inspiring ways. I think that would help with the poetry writing as well as it might help me pay more attention to detail.

April Evening
Daylight lingers in
corners of forgotten fields
curlew call
watchful waiting
delay departure

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