Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My most beautiful thing

I am sure she will read this but I am not sure I mind. The most beautiful thing in my life is my daughter Lizzie. I came to motherhood at 40 and have found it the most challenging but the most rewarding occupation in my life – having been an ambitious academic in 2000 my life has changed considerably. Lizzie is a gorgeous human being and I am proud of all she does. I don't want to be gushy but as soon as this was presented as a blog splash I knew what I would write about her.

I also knew the photo I wanted to post but I had the challenge of finding it on my computer.

I clearly remember the day it was taken and who we were with that day. My Mum and Dad were up on holiday in Teesdale and we walked up the hill opposite the cottage they were staying in. It was a great triumph for all of us - my Mum fit enough to do it and Lizzie enjoying the view and her grandparent’s company.

This photo says so much about her character...

This photo was taken in 2005 just before she started School. My Mum would only be with us for just over one more year so this is a treasured moment that lives long in our memory.

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