Sunday, April 15, 2012


Some time ago I did a monotype weekend at The Hearth with Carol Nunan. I was disappointed with my prints and they have been languishing under the wardrobe ever since. However after yesterday's inspiring workshop with Theresa I have become a little obsessed with Artists' Books. I think I have found the artistic medium I have been looking for to enable me to work with other people and find a way for their poetry and writing to be displayed. Putting poems up on the wall is great for others to read  but going home with a little book of your poetry would be a lovely gift to offer people when they come to a writing workshop with me or when I work doing collage workshops with health care practitioners.
Here is a collage of what I have created from a couple of monotype prints that did not work as whole prints but chopped up and turned into other things and have become quite lovely!!

A Day Out

She asked for directions

twice in one day.

The couple she first asked

were vague, waved their

arms about and pointed

left, right and round about.

Unhelpful locations were cited,

famous landmarks en-route.

Unhelpful as she wouldn’t

be able to remember the names.

Signposts had begun to blur;

destinations lost in a fog

of things not forgotten.

Childhood holidays

and her best friend’s name.

The second time she asked

the man took her there himself.

Worried she might wander away

and forget where she had been.

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