Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Showers

Got a new car today and it has been very rainy today. Talking to a student in the queue in the cafe and he was talking about sustaining motivation. I suggested that he made writing his essays a habit so that whether he felt like it or not he would turn up and write something. I got a strange look but I realised that is what I have made this blog. It has become more like cleaning your teeth - something you get round to and don't feel quite right if you don't do it. I was always been very anti behavioural methods in psychology BUT I now realise they may well have their place and will be taking this new insight into coaching practice.

Have signed up for Mandy's Sketch Book course at Horsley so watch this space for new creations!!

Collaborative Learning

the classroom buzzes

new connections made

ideas shared warily

 performance anxiety

eclipses learning

there is a better way

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