Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

Went for a walk late afternoon and it was wonderful. I am endlessly fascinated by the patterns lichen make and try to capture it in photographs but I am sure there must be other ways. I found a piece of bark with lichen on the other day and it looks like a very beautiful piece of jewellery. A symbiosis of fungi and algae they are a wonder of nature and are indicators of environmental health.

I am not sure I want to know too much about them but they are very special and we are surrounded by trees and moorland which appears to be rich in these natural signs of healthy air. I love the Derwent Valley and everyday its shapes and patterns change. The view of the city, the cheviots in the north and Stanhope Moor in the south – so soothing.
view to the south

I have been planning for early starts at the end of the week and making sure our gorgeous little dog does not have to spend too much time on her own. Not sure I’m up to this kind of forward thinking but it has alleviated a lot of anxiety by acknowledging what I was chewing over and then doing something about it.

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