Tuesday, January 31, 2012

making links

I have been exploring writing and well-being for myself and others for about 7 years. Along the way I have met some wonderful people and have stayed friends with folk I met in the very early days of my journey - wonderful poets and treasured friends. I made a decision last year to do more as a writer person rather than the more troublesome nurse/educator thing. I went along to a Lapidus meeting in Scarborough which was the beginning of very exciting and supportive regional group. I also presented at the Poetry and Medicine symposium at Warwick where I gave a frenzied presentation on how poetry could save nursing – I have now been asked to write an article on the same subject for Lapidus – can’t bear to watch myself – too many hand movements!! I also wrote an article for a nursing journal about  the poetry workshop we have introduced to student nurses. It has all been very worthwhile but has highlighted where my passion really lies. So 2012 may be about finding a place where I can practise in a more creative and soulful way both at work and in my writing life. The distance is too much at the moment and I need to do something about bridging the gap  ...

I have a number of subjects I want to write about this year and I hope after the current marking marathon is over I can begin to start with these projects.

I also want to produce a digital story about our visit to Elizabeth bishop’s childhood home, Great Village in Nova Scotia. I am now the proud owner of a banner from the centenary celebrations in NS and now I have it hanging in my study I want to put together my own celebration of our visit. It was truly amazing with wonderful weather and I took 210 photos so I am sure I can compose something meaningful…

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