Friday, January 6, 2012

Nursing in the News

Well nursing is in the news with dear Mr Cameron once again telling professionals how to do their job better. I do wonder what has happened on the wards when the nurses are told to do ward rounds and check all the patients. I assume too much has been delegated and that responsibilities have been diluted in the last few years leading to the scandals that have emerged.
I am not sure I could or would want to nurse on the wards anymore BUT I am pretty sure I would make patient care my priority. The nursing gaze appears to have shifted away from what nursing is all about and has been distorted by bureaucracy and image. Too many cost savings have been made and there are a lot fewer qualified nurses on the wards and this has to have made  a difference to the quality of care being provided. Care is seen as "too basic" for professionals and it has been handed over to the unqualified and unprepared. Good nursing care doesn't come cheap and it is about time someone realised that - you get what you pay for!!
ALSO too much emphasis is put on learning facts and acquiring clinical skills rather than developing empathy and listening skills.
We overlook the fundamentals at our peril

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