Sunday, January 8, 2012

Letting go and moving on

Sundays are always good for contemplation - used to dread having a day off on a Sunday when I was a student nurse. There was NOTHING to do - shops shut, swimming pools shut - how different it is today. have realised that there is a lot of stuff attached to becoming a nurse back in the early 80's and a lot of that is holding me back and has held me back, if I am to work with people in their professional lives then some of that stuff needs to be sorted out and packed away for good. Letting go of the nursing side is difficult as I like "looking after people but in coaching I draw on my facilitating side and I am good at that. I am good at listening and paying attention and enabling people to find their own ways to solve problems or tackle issues. I need to keep faith with this approach and not think I have to step back into nursing. It would not be good for me and I need to be able to see myself in a different role, move on and move up.

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