Saturday, January 28, 2012

missing Friday

Missed posting anything yesterday as too tired to think, two days at University on the coaching course drained my battery down to very low levels. Also in on my own which was very odd - just the dog and me watching Jordan and other celebrities behaving badly in front of the camera. All that display does bother me but I guess that is where they seek the attention from and I think too many people think that is gratifying. Notice me!! Notice me!! Me, me, me...

I am writing this from a room at Cober hill (, a spot in North Yorkshire I highly recommend. Here for a writing day with regional Lapidus group ( and it was a very splendid day. Lots of talking with like mined folk and some writing as well. What more would you want from a Saturday. Staying by the sea is very invigorating as well and I hope the sunrise is as wonderful as last time I was here.

October Sunrise

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