Friday, January 6, 2012

Litter and stuff

Litter is bothering me today – 3 empty wine bottles dumped on the footpath next to our house and about 8 beer cans – why can’t people get rid of stuff properly? Also a car parked right across the footpath opposite the school – lazy, lazy person....

Anyway also saw a bird’s nest in the clematis and leaves appearing way too early, as well as flowers that you don’t normally see in January.

I am beginning to overcome my resistance to acquiring knowledge about psychology and have begun my mind-map.  There is really useful theory to learn but I am finding paying attention to “facts” quite a challenge preferring to sail along with intuition and emotion. A little more discipline and concentration might not be a bad thing. Reading about cognitive behavioural approaches is very insightful and can see how some of the processes match those in expressive/creative writing exercises. Thinking then doing, noticing then changing, relooking and drafting  

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