Sunday, January 22, 2012

looking back and on not getting on

At the end of last year I took part in a series of writing workshops with Lisa Matthews (she of the Poetry Fold I have just gone back to the notebook I kept during those 6 weeks. We wrote a lot each workshop and produced an amazing amount of work. I have a bad habit of not reviewing my writing but have decided that there may well be some material worth exploring. Below is an edited poem from one of these sessions. They were amazingly productive evenings albeit totally exhausting but I amazed at how much is Ok and not for the dustbin.

I am supposed to reading “new” poems with Sheree Mack and others on the 3rd February ay the Lit and Phil in Newcastle. Was very worried that I would not have any new babies to take along but I think I now have found some material to work with. Have a night at Cober Hill after a writing day with our Regional Lapidus group next weekend so I am now quite hopeful that I might have something to read…

People make up things

Scream for no reason

Papier mache masks hide

Their real intentions

You can slog and slug

But get nowhere fast


Live on the edge

 Noble endeavours

Hidden from view

No one really cares

I am not even sure that I do         

Peerless, timeless

Move on, move out

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