Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New ways of working

Once upon a time I would have 3 days in a row away from the office and the classroom to write. In those days I would find myself feeling exhausted and very low. Today I wrote and edited nearly 2500 words about poetry and nursing. I am amazed how productive and absorbed I was. So much so I forgot to put the wheelie bin out!! I worked on it and in 2 days went from zero to an almost completed piece. I knew I could do it in the past but never really did it so I ended up feeling awful and performance anxiety left me choked and unable to take anything forward.

I am beginning to see where regular writing activates such as this blog can feed and nurture the other writing. I have a lot I want to share and I have an awful lot of opinions on a lot of things. I am curious and always want to know about the experiences I am having - so when I am coaching I want to know more about how I making sense of it all. I reflect when I am walking the dog and try and capture it on paper when I get home. Not always possible but I did that today. paying attention to how I work will make a difference as when I am feeling like I did last week then I don't think anything is possible BUT yet yesterday and today have been amazingly productive and have read a lot and written quite a bit. It is all still a bit mysterious to me but then that might be a good thing.

The PhD thing still hurts and I watch with wonder as good people I know put themselves into that particular intellectual and emotional mangle. No I am not even considering going down that path I am going to write articles, this blog, poems and maybe a book on poetry and nursing BUT I am not going near that discussion. I just worry about people's well being and wonder about the motives behind it whether from the person themselves or the organisation that push people to go through ancient rituals and rites of passage. How necessary is it in the 21st century?

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