Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too much going on

Have not had any space to think about things over the last few days. Marking took over my life for too many days and have begun to realise how draining it all is and that maybe I cannot carry on with it all. Some difficult decisions to make in a time when jobs are not easy to find but I can honestly say I have had enough of holding student nurse's hands and expecting them to make grown up decisions, be organised and to take the profession seriously. Not enough of them seem to want to or are up to it. The battle to improve the image of nursing is too big for me to take on and one that will defeat me ultimately. One of the lessons for 2012 is about what I leave behind - let go of, it might be nursing as I struggle with what is happening and the discrepancies between what is said to be happening in the education of the workforce of tomorrow and the reality of the both the classroom and practice.

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