Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wind turbines

I have never expressed any strong opinions about wind turbines and have felt that they are a benign technology intruding into the landscape. BUT now two have appeared along the Derwent valley above Shotley Bridge and are in my eye line when I walk the dog. I thought I was seeing things when I first noticed a new object on the horizon but it was confirmed on Saturday when we were in Shotley Bridge that they are erecting turbines above the Valley.

It has upset me - an unbroken view to the moors has been interrupted and I am still wondering what I make of all of it. After all there are electricity pylons all around me and all along the valley so why do these new invaders matter. I am not sure but they are not as neutral as I thought and for the first time in my life I found myself agreeing with a Tory MP. Maybe they are not as green as we would like to think they are and they do blot the landscape and change the view....
Turbines arrive in the near distance!!!

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