Saturday, March 3, 2012

Personal learning

This last week has been one of the most productive I have had for a long time. I wrote an article on Poetry and Nursing, brought together information on poetry and dementia for a research project, began an article on poetry and cancer survivorship AND wrote a report following some team development work I led recently. I am getting a buzz from this work that I have not experienced before. The coaching relationships I am developing and the learning I am experiencing is really transforming my outlook. I have started to think about what my business might be called and what I would be offering. I don't want to compete with others and I am not sure I would be competing with them anyway. I have to value my professional background and the skills and experience I bring to professional development but equally I am not certain that the nursing label is particularly helpful.

I am passionate about care and compassion in health care delivery and keeping a focus on it by supporting and nourishing staff. Without that attention care will result in being dehumanised and merely a process that people "just do". Emotional engagement will be too risky and that detachment is inevitable and very dangerous.

I need to be out there a bit more with that message and also that poetry and creativity can be a very powerful way of enabling people to (re) engage with these issues.

I also can then find time for my own creativity and art. I am not sure what I would do it with it but I am not sure whether that is a critical question at the moment. Rather the act of making art is the most important for me – doing a workshop with Mandy Patullo next Sunday – can’t wait.

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