Saturday, March 17, 2012


Energy levels
Not sure what is happening at the moment but as Spring peeps its head around the corner I seem to have run out of steam. I am not sure what is going on but it is very irritating as I just seem to be so tired and run out of any get up and go by early evening. Think I am going to have to reduce the length of the walks with the dog so I don't get quite so tired.

New Camera
Another thing was I had to buy a new camera as I my trusty little Lumix died on me and they could not repair the lens - well they could but it would cost more than a new camera. Anyway got one with a higher spec and I have been trying it out when I can. Quite impressed with it and am pleased with results - see below

Nursing Stuff
Interviewed candidates for nursing this week - all expressed awareness and concern for patients' well being and talked about care and compassion. I wonder what happens to them?I know actually - the system brutalises them and to survive they develop coping strategies that result in them being distant and completely removed from the human being they are there to look after. More needs to be done to support practitioners and provide them with opportunities to reflect on their experience and increase self-awareness and resourcefulness.

Coaching Course -
Assignment looms and Sue  procrasinates like a good 'un

I am also getting bogged down with information have reverted to my old habit of accumulating references and books without organising what I am learning or finding some effective system to work out how I got from going in to borrow one book from the Library and leaving with four!! I do the same when finding articles – skipping from one topic to another and not settling down on one thing. A little more discipline and some organisation to the whole enterprise might be a jolly good idea!! Also think I have a continuing fear of being a one trick pony and this prevents me really focussing. Think it all goes back to a fear of being know it all and too big for my boots. Need to think a bit more about that as that fear has held me back for 40+ years and it’s about time it stopped….

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