Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Had breakfast at the Hearth at Horsley - highly recommend it as the cafe is wonderful and the artists' studios well worth a visit.

Tracked down and bought some flat purple "Mary Jane" shoes at last - see below. It has taken me three years - for a woman who buys on impulse it has been very frustrating. I knew such things existed but the Doc Martens never had my size - thank goodness for Brantano..

Just come back from a walk with the dog and took some piccies of the view along the valley towards the city.

In the distance

City's edge can be seen

Red kites soar above

Flocks of great tits call.

Here is a poem by my daughter - they have been studying the story of the Titanic - enjoy!!

On her maiden voyage, the Titanic

Got everybody in a panic.

She sank to the sea floor

And she is no more.

Of course, she was very Britannic.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown"

Never gave any one a frown

She saved some lives

But didn't dive

Of course she was never down.

Hundreds of people died

Many of them cried

Ice warnings were ignored

Captain EJ Smith snored

Of course Bruce Ismay sighed.

The ship contained a pool

Everyone thought it was cool

Many swam

But not in a dam

Of course many from Liverpool.

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