Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where did that week go?

Really a week - where did that time go? That is not what I wanted to do - leave it a week between posts but it has been a funny time recently. Offers of severance at work have put me in a bit of a spin - soooo excited but may not be allowed to go. Will need career coaching if they won't let me go.

All the risks loom and that is what has stopped me going for the things I love in the past. I am good at creative workshops, poetry, collage and I think I ought to let myself do more of it.

Anyway have been doing textiles today at The Hearth at Horsley with the marvellous Mandy Pattullo - what a lovely day!!!

See what I made - inspired by Robert Frost!!


  1. Nice one Sue, being a flaneuse, I would love to stroll through these trees

  2. Thank you - I was quite pleased with my creation. Did not know what i would do at the beginning of day but it just emerged.