Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Forward

What a difference all this daylight and sunshine makes. I bought a light box at Christmas in the hope it would help my stuttering brain during the winter months BUT it didn't make as much difference as I had hoped. I suspect you need to start in October and prevent the decline of mood and energy rather than try to reverse it!! Anyway suffice to say that with the clocks going forward I feel really quite energised and my brain working at a speed that I am used to and can cope with..

Have put this collage together as a starting point for the digital story I want to make about my visit to Great Village in Nova Scotia last August.

I promised Elizabeth Bishop officiandos in Nova Scotia that I would make the story when I received my banner from their celebrations ...


  1. Hi Sue. Your idea of a digital story sounds interesting. What format will it take? The collage looks like a book cover. Is that it's intended purpose? I learnt how to make book covers on last weekend. Judith

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for the comment
    Just playing around with the images. I have photostory software that I am going to "play" with tomorrow. I did a one day course at Newcastle Uni last year and it was really good. Will be piloting it - still photos with commentary and will ask for feedback before I send it to Canada! Your weekend sounds interesting and fun!!