Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grumpy Men

Took the dog out for a walk tonight and she escaped to have a go at some feral cats that live in the stables at the end of the road opposite. She can't usually get through to the field but a gap had appeared between the gate and the post so she squeezed through and ran off at quite a speed. This has upset the man who owns the land a great deal and made a point of telling us tonight as we returned from our walk. Accused us of all sorts and told us not to let the dog off the lead again. I was angry at the time and felt he was being unjust and petty. On reflection I am now concerned about him as he will cross the wrong person one day and his aggressive tone will end up with him being hurt. He obviously gets agitated at the dog poo on the path and other things must agitate them as they have an inaccessible piece of land where they keep two horses. They have to tend them twice a day and they can’t be finding it easy BUT if they talk to people like that they will end up alienated and in the worse case in hospital.

I hate incivility and I do not like being wrongly accused of being an irresponsible dog owner. We apologised and I am sure the cats will return to their home. I am just concerned about the couple's well-being. I am sure their mental health must be at risk living the way they do and  they are just finding all a bit much.

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