Sunday, October 14, 2012

Values and learning

At the end of a very mixed week I have been reflecting on two main issues.
Firstly about core values and how that manifests itself in nursing practice and how we conduct ourselves with other human beings. My daughter's school requires everyone to agree to their core values (contract) - students have the values on cards, pass cards and they are highly visible within the organisation and it is an explicit requirement that as parents we "buy in" to this ethos. I think it is wonderful and sharing it with a group of students this week they think it would be a great idea for nurses to have some means of reminding themselves about core values. It might also remind lecturers that they are required to behave and act towards each other in respectful and thoughtful ways!!!





Individualised care#

Person centredness etc

I might think about using it when I get a new group of students based on the work emerging from the Chief Nursing Officer – the 6c’s.

The other issue is about what works when ensuring our students learn. I find lectures really tricky - I enjoy the performance and sharing my knowledge and expertise BUT I am sick and tired of crowd control; having to ask people to stop talking amongst themselves. It seems to have become a habit for some groups of students and it becomes much worse towards the end of their time in University, just before practice placements - they are slightly bored and excited about being back out in practice but lots of anxieties as well. I try to engage then but the ripple of chat is very tricky to deal with. I have tweeted and chatted to discover new strategies that prevent me crying and losing my temper.

My friend advised me about her approach which is to sit down with the students - discomfort silences them!! On twitter I discovered a great resource from Clare Morris - I love learning new things and making connections.


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