Monday, October 1, 2012


As I am of a certain age I went along for my first breast screening appointment today.

There is nothing to complain about BUT it was so efficient and impersonal. Not a flicker of recognition that I might be nervous - no use of first name - in and out in 5 minutes - champion - on to the next one..

I had a similar experience at a Breast clinic a few years ago - after I found what I thought was a lump my GP sighed and referred me. A tortuous Saturday morning was spent going from ultrasound to mammogram - ruthlessly efficient but no reassurance. I couldn’t help think about the women there who did have cancer, the possibility of life changing surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy – was all the care and compassion saved up for them?

I know at last 5 women who have gone though some degree of treatment for breast cancer over the last year. All are exhausted from their experience and not one of them will be the same again - survival might be the goal for the Health system but there is a lot more to personal integrity/identity, well-being and flourishing that the absence of diseased cells.

Think on you out there - please address emotions and psychological well-being. Maybe you don’t know how to but you should learn.
A little bit of chit chat would help - a little recognition of me as a person - why can't it happen?

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