Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn Mists

Went to York on Saturday for the quarterly meet of the HOT Lapidus group. It was great to see lovely friends and allies in the world of writing and well-being. We met up (eventually) at the Quilt Museum in York - a few misunderstandings (me not reading my instructions and navigation problems) meant I arrived a bit grumpy and out of sorts but after a latte and croissant I soon recovered. It was a bit of a revelation I have to say. We visited the Textile Musuem of Canada in Toronto and that was fabulous; this Museum is much smaller than the one in Canada but even so it had a wonderful exhibition of the work of Pauline Burbridge.  I love her latest work - wonderfully impressionistic and has a strong narrative I can relate to. Take a look at her website.

After lunch we were lead in a writing workshop at a fascinating building Jacob's Well.

We were all inspired by the words originating from our experience in the Museum.
Here is my poem

Thought Threads  

A riot of autumn colours flickered
just to the right of her eye line.

A strand of an idea had become
self-patterned in her mind.

A diamond infill hanging
there in precise splashes.

Zigzag or straight seamed,
look for the missing piece. 

It may not be quick
but one day it will make sense.

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