Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some ideas

Have just finished teaching a module that encourages students to think about the skills and knowledge required for effective collaborative working. This has included considering the different types of knowledge that health and social care professionals use and value in their practice. In discussing this I could see that some of the students were beginning to appreciate some of the stuff I had been talking about - research and evidence based practice. Ben Goldacre and Trisha Greenhalgh had all been mentioned as champions of learning to analyse the published research and always be aware of just how much never gets to see the light of day.

I made connections whilst I was lecturing (reflection in action) about compassion, care, communication and how good nursing delivered by excellent nurses might be a combination of knowhow, know what and know why - the bricoleur with the patient at the centre. I am interested in the notion of practical wisdom and how nursing care impacts on how people feel about themselves. Made for quite an exciting moment and I want to share this insight. I just wish I could build up my stamina and write more and share it with an academic audience,

However I have realised that more people might read this blog than would read an academic paper and certainly more than would have read my PhD, if it had ever got written – few of them ever seen to get turned into books that sell.

I want to communicate my ideas and get feedback so this is start.


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