Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

Am not at all sure what I want to write about this week. I thought I would post a daily insight but have not had the energy to call into here and post anything. I think I might look at using the camera more as I do have a dabble with paint etc but I get very frustrated as I don’t produce stuff that I feel satisfied about. I have lots of idea when I am out walking the dog and I have to find a way of retaining the thoughts…

Thinking through the lens and exploring the image might be way of peeling back the layers.

Had an idea for the name for what I want to do as a business. Not sure why I think getting the name right is so important but it does seem to be holding me back. Next thing is to have some business cards and flyers written up and then distribute them.

The guide by the side

 coaching for personal and professional development.

Helping the helpers.

Focussed conversations to explore potential, performance, service improvement and change management in the human services.

Been down to Gibside today – maybe the inspiration I need is on my doorstep. We are so lucky to have such wonderful landscape literally on the doorstep.

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