Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August musings

We have been away in North Yorkshire again and could begin to feel the inspiring landscape doings its stuff!! Felt more relaxed and calmer.

Lizzie is on a tennis course this week from 10 til 2 and I have promised to write 1000 words when she is there. I got carried away yesterday and wrote over 1700 although I am not sure what it was all about. Mostly free writing but my thoughts went all over the place and I landed in all sorts of spots.

Last night I started experimenting with textured paste and acrylics - I am quite pleased with some of the outcomes and can begin to see how I might develop this approach.

See below.

Also went for a long walk along the Derwent walk this morning after dropping Lizzie off at Tennis – a poem began to form.

Derwent Walk

She listens to the ghosts along the line

Sooty lungs and coughs

that keep folk awake at night

The wails of mothers

Whose sons have been killed

by untethered wagons

or rotten pit props.

Graves leave the sons’ names

but not of those left behind.

She wonders if they ever

found a place to rest.

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