Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not one of the club

Today I had the privilege of attending the opening of a beautiful but poignant art exhibition in Hartlepool. I was moved, humbled and puzzled by the works of art. Ask to produce a piece in response to living with Parkinson's disease there are a myriad of responses.
Moved by how profoundly expressive the pieces are, humbled by the talent on display and puzzled by a healthcare system that still does not provide room for people to express themselves in profound and important ways to the people responsible for providing their care - treatment reviews, medication prescribing etc. If we suggest art as a way for patients to express themselves or as a way of changing the conversation in the clinic we have to provide a long list of justifications and think of ways of measuring its effectiveness. Just looking at the works of art today made me realise just how powerful it is and maybe that is what the scientists are really worried about - patient power and a change in the relationship.

I also felt very much an outsider looking in - not a comfortable place but not uncomfortable either - just different - a poem is lurking...

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