Thursday, April 4, 2013

Musing Social Class

With all the attention to the new classifications for the "Great British class System” I was busy ignoring it - then my Dad and siblings got involved so I had a quick look. I came out as "elite" - well I can't think this is right. I have now completed it 3 times and it still comes out the same - down to my social capital apparently. I had been keen to reject this BUT then I realised... It's the writing (principally poetry ) community that has enriched my life - the people I know socially are artists and writers (and some of us both). That adds to my social capital plus 2 new friends are entrepreneurs and have their own businesses.

So it has given me much to think about - how rich the writing community is and also how lucky I am to have met some wonderful women over the last couple of years. I need to pay attention to the notion that "elite” does not mean "better than" but that I am extremely blessed and should have more faith in myself and my networks.

Mustn't get big headed though!!

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