Saturday, June 9, 2012

Perils of living in the country!!

We had a bit of an exciting time first thing this morning. I took Fudge out for walk to the fields opposite. The sheep were making a hell of a noise so I left Fudge attached to a fence post and went to investigate. Needless to say she made lots of fuss but I discovered 2 very distressed sheep trapped between a holly bush and the wire fencing. I came home and swapped the dog for Lizzie and we went off to see if we could free them. After climbing over barbed wire and frightening them a bit, one of them got out as we gently got its feet out of the wire. It was great sense of achievement to get it out. Anyway the other one was facing the wrong way and whatever we did it kept gong back to where it started - see photo below.

We had to give up but Lizzie was stuck the wrong side of the fence to she had to come down the field and trespass on our neighbours land. We saw them arrive to feed the horses so we knew they would know who owned the sheep - the man shouted at us as he saw us coming which upset Lizzie as we have had a bit of a barny with him before. They have a couple of horses and two large fields and their first approach to anyone is of defence and he got very angry with us a few months back when Fudge chased after the cats that live in the stables. Anyway I got his attention and explained why we were there and almost instantly he changed from angry man to concerned man. His wife rang the local farmer who had the number of the guy who owns the sheep and we hoped they might come and sort it our but in the meantime the man went to see what he could do. We stood talking to the woman for a while about her 25 year old gelding and her other horse who is only allowed out on the grass for 10 minutes because of laminitis. By the time we were leaving the old chap had managed to get the other sheep free – marvellous.

Their opinion of us has changed from being yobs to animal recuers. As a good deed I think we did well and as Lizzie wants to be a vet - a good experience. Have to say have some cuts and bruises to show for our adventure but worth it!!

This was followed by trip to Tesco for the essentials of domestic life - food etc. I am not sure I am cut out for this and need to find ways to make the drudgery of meals and keeping the house going easier for me as I am not a fan and will never be domestic goddess! Also as it gets me down I will never get the book written – bet Robin Youngson doesn’t have to do the weekly shop

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