Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flourishing and Olympic Torch

Finding it hard to concentrate at the moment. I am trying to read Flourish by Martin Seligman so I can understand Positive Psychology and appreciative inquiry so I can get to grips with how I am going to approach my work with individuals and organisations – thinking of exploring the possibilities of being an independent development consultant – offering one-to-one coaching and support to organisations in service improvement and change. I am also beginning to realise that my unhappiness with work is to do with missing helping people. I buzz after one of my poetry sessions – interacting with people and giving them a voice is a wonderful thing to do. People don’t expect to be able to write poems but they do, they enjoy it and get a huge amount of satisfaction and enhanced well-being from taking part and creating something. Seligman’s book provides insight and theoretical underpinnings as to why this activity is good for folk and it is something I wish I could be paid to do every day but if I can start with 1 day a week it might help me cope with the current job!!

Went to Shotley Bridge this afternoon to see Olympic Torch – not sure that that many people have been in Shotley at one time for many years. It was great to see so many people out to see the Torch.

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