Saturday, June 9, 2012


We have been to Spain for a few days and returned yesterday to a leaden sky and dampness beyond damp!! No hot water and a dog that seems to have had a better week away from us and than with us - or is that just me being over sensitive!! I suspect the latter - she had a Border Terrier friend for a week and has learnt to come back to a whistle and chase and retrieve a ball - both things we had felt we would never achieve with her. Thoroughly chastised for our keeping her on a lead I wondered whether we were worthy owners – or I think change that to me!! I wonder whether I am any good as a dog owner.

Holidays are great but I always feel a little blue on my return and the last couple of days in Spain have seen me have great ideas about articles and books to write. I have lots of ideas and interests but no one knows what they are unless I publish them. I read most of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho on my mother-in-laws Kindle and it started to make sense to me about how we limit our beliefs and fail in living our personal legend. It is quite a concept and although irritated with it to start with it resonates with the work I have been doing with others on the coaching course. I am just really good at finding ways to enable other people achieve their goals and a bit limiting to myself!!

Prompted to write this today as I read my lovely friend Kate Evan's blog about writing with other people.

I have found that I need creative collaboration and believe I have mentioned it here before but finding the fellow travellers has been the biggest challenge. I appear to have fond competitors and also saboteurs along the way. I am going to present at the NAWE Conference in November about it as I think it needs airing. I wrote the abstract on the train on May 12th and really pleased it has been accepted.

Also  Robin Youngson   is coming over here with his message about compassion and support in health care and I don’t know if I can meet up or whether I might get frustrated that a medic is being heard and that the message I have been  on about for the last few years gets overlooked as I am a nurse!! Get the book written I hear myself say and then people will know what you are all about. Find someone to promote it for you as well – use your contacts and get the message out. Nurses can care too you know!!

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