Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunny Weather

Have felt quite over-excited about the weather, nearly forgot that it is only May!!

Finished the final coaching essay and submitted it and now thinking about what I do with the knowledge and skills I have developed. Still feel a little ambivalent about coaching as a profession and wonder what the fuss is all about but also can see what a huge difference can be made by having focussed and purposeful conversations with an active and informed listener. It is not therapy but can see it having a beneficial effect on lots of people - but would people pay me?

Have had ideas about writing articles on some issues - self-compassion, clinical supervision and practice development. Also looking at PhD supervision and the issues and challenges that seems to surface for both eh student and the supervisor.

Think we are all too tough on each other and need to start practising self-compassion - a concept I have come across during my coaching expeditions - positive psychology and appreciative enquiry.

Lots of dots on the page but not sure quite how to join them up yet.

I asked a group of students what they would like to explore in a seminar session next week – I like to be student-centred and am often aware of how their anxieties distract from engagement with learning in the classroom. They mentioned their frustrations with colleagues who do not develop their practice – who seem stuck in rut and won’t move with the times. There seemed to be a sense of irritation with these folk – I provocatively called them dinosaurs and this immediately got a reaction from others. This was an unfair label etc – this then led to discussion about change, evidence based practice and resistance. Next week we are going to explore these issues – inertia and its cause in health care practice. As a new convert to being less judgemental then I am looking forward to our exchanges and where students situate themselves in this debate.

The ideas and avenues for research keep emerging but I am still resistant to considering PhD discussions – I can still feel the shadow loom over me. A book about issues that have interested me and engaged me over the years will be a good start. This blog the beginning of new writing practice. Let’s see what happens…
If only I had read all these books!!!

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