Sunday, February 16, 2014


Bought my first bunches of daffodils. A sure sign of Spring and one very important to me. I have been buying Daffs in February for a long time. Here's a poem I wrote a couple of years ago that involved a journey back to my first lot of nights at Old Addenbrooke's....

First Spring in Cambridge


Your compulsion to have dozens of daffodils

on the mantelpiece, a puzzle – when they only last

a week. You wonder why have them inside

when there are so many outside

along the Backs, along the Cam,

the reason why you came here.


On your third ward – night duty – alone.

Distracted by sighs, murmurs and moans

You try to be vigilant but struggle to stay awake.

Hope not to get caught out by night sister.


April being the cruel month,

you long for the drizzle to cease.

Your first birthday away from parents and siblings

no presents, few cards, just another shift

and then the weekend off to visit what was home.

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