Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sunday was our daughter's 12th birthday and also International Nurse's Day (Florence Nightingale was born on 12th May - a bit of info I did not appreciate until I started noticing  the date when Lizzie was born!). Having always been ambivalent about nurses and nursing I entered into a tweet chat with some reluctance. Well I got swept up with the common experiences and dared to share a photo of me when a second year student.

Below you will see a photo of me meeting Prince Charles when he came to the hospital to open the CAT scan - 1981 just before he was getting married. This is not the one on twitter but the one I should have shown - Miss Howard one of our tutors also features. To my shame I cannot remember all the names of those around me, although there were third years there who we had little to do with!!. I do remember the event as I was sent to redo my hair three times as it was permed and very wayward (think I ended up with about 10 kirby grips keeping it in place) - we were in the School of Nursing at the time so we were lined up along the corridor to represent students - to Miss Howard’s alarm he stopped to speak to me and asked me how I liked Cambridge - I believe I gave an appropriate response - memories!!

Here it is enjoy!!

Can you spot me? - grinning under HRH's chin!!

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