Saturday, August 3, 2013

Learning from Tweeting - post Francis

On Wednesday I attended a Department of Health event in Newcastle that invited participants to consider their responses to the Francis Inquiry. A So What Now?

Thanks to the wonderful Maxine Craig, whom I have met through Twitter, I live tweeted from the event. I got quite excited about it and realised it was a great way for me to concentrate. On occasions like this I am prone to mind wandering but this kept me focussed.
After a while I started tweeting haikus as there were some essential messages that were in danger of being lost within PowerPoint slides. It was all very interesting and the event left me more frustrated, in that the need to disrupt old ways of working is becoming crucial and so is working with staff. Please STOP telling them to be more efficient and expect besieged and beleaguered folk to find time and energy to be reflective. It needs to be acknowledged that they need space and attention... I think they need poetry and nurturing. If I hear the word productive once more I'll scream...
Here are my haikus - they were read and re-tweeted by others on the day which means the power of poetry has spread!!


duty of candour
acknowledge can do better
help share improvement

passion, drive - all matter
learning through nurture

recruit for values
retain around attitude
care matters for all

putting patients first
everybody's business
culture change needed

support excellence in care
all responsible


sharing stories
want to make a difference
to staff and patients

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