Sunday, July 14, 2013

Writing Day

I spent yesterday in Scarborough with  four wonderful women at a Lapidus writing event. If you don't know about Lapidus I strongly recommend you look them up and explore the work we are trying to encourage in writing and well-being.
Sue Wilson, a very talented poet and cake maker, facilitated the day and the subject was Food.
I was not enthusiastic about it but I went down because I value the companionship and I wanted to make time to write. Sue began the session with some very well prepared and demanding 5 minute exercises. I am always surprised about just how much can be splurged onto the page in 5 minutes - try it, it is amazing what pours forth, particularly when you stash the critic and editor away.

One of the exercises was about food we loathe. Here is my poem....


It depends so much

on how we are chopped.

How we, the vegetables,

are selected. We do not

intend to offend,

our intention sound.

We never wish

to repulse, disappoint.

We set out, fresh

wholehearted, to do good.

It is you that cuts us down,

makes us small, drowns us

in a curdle of cheapness.

Mixes us up with sour vinegar,

camouflages our true flavour,

attempts to create acceptability.

Perish the thought that we

might be seen as too much,

that pieces of us might be too large,

too recognisable, too obvious.

What does it take to allow

each one of us to be

savoured, identifiable,

allow us to just be.



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