Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reflections and self observation


“Well, I fought with a stranger and I met myself
I opened my mouth and I heard myself
It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself
Guess I could have made it easier on myself”


from The long Way Around by Dixie Chicks


My thanks to Maxine Craig who I first met on Twitter and have now met in person (at the Compassion Dialogue) for making the connection between my blog yesterday and the Dixie Chicks’ lyrics. Perfect!!

 I have the album and know the song really well as I used to play the CD quite loudly in the car as “Not Ready to Make Nice” is also on the album and it was a very important song at the time the album came out. I am sure I can mine that observation in the future.



Walking the dog this morning I decided to think and be rather than take photographs. On the way to school a car overtook us just before the 30 mph sign at Marley Hill.


I was angry and outraged by this behaviour having noticed the driver was agitated and restless behind us when driving through our village. It is quite obvious looking at the road markings etc that this is not an overtaking place and she hurtled through Marley Hill at over the speed limit and she disappeared over the crest of the hill. As we got to the traffics lights at Sunniside there she was just in front of us, waiting. We then followed her all the way to Lobley Hill where she impatiently followed the car in front of her. I was really angry. Like Brene Brown ( her talk with Lissa Rankin available from here is wonderful) my default setting is “angry” and I had to simmer away for a while. My daughter is very good at calming me down but I do think that it is 30 for a reason.
I am not sure I got that angry about stupid driving before I was a Mum. Now I think of all the vulnerable pedestrians and passengers on their way to school that might be hurt by someone in a hurry. I also thought about his lady's state of mind. If she was on her way to work she is going to have a horrible day. She was clearly in a hurry, restless, agitated and must be distressed. I hope she isn't in charge of folk as that agitation will leak out and be uncomfortable to work alongside. I am practising compassion and hoping this helps me stop ruminating on the issues that arise.

I bought the book “How to stay sane" by Phillipa Perry yesterday and the ideas and reflections within it are very helpful. It is a simple and accessible book aims to do what it says – a kind book. I discovered the book via the wonderful Brain Pickings website which is a wonderful and rich resource find it here

All this learning and reflection is certainly helping my well-being and have become less defensive and happy to share this with others.




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