Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moody March

Been away too long from here...

I was just beginning to feel energised and hopeful when the snow and cold returned.

I think I should only have one blog and forget about being 2 different people out in blog land. I cannot separate my professional and personal identities - they overlap too much.

I went to a literary event yesterday in Hexham - Kate Atkinson  reading from her new book. It was so inspiring and so many ideas around writing and life in general. I really enjoyed it.

Went to meet Annie Barr  to discuss "what next" regarding the training and support of health care assistants. Again really inspiring and I hope much will spring forth from our energetic musings!!

Spent last Sunday print making with Theresa Easton and think this was the start of my recovery. Don't seem to be so low and feel that the book lurking inside me might be getting nearer the surface and that my poetry ideas not as bonkers as I think!!

I have been on twitter and have found this nourishing - connecting with folk and sharing ideas and concerns in 140 characters - appeals to be the immediacy of it all.
Learning a lot and want to share

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