Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowy Saturday

Woke up to a few inches of snow that is not going away. Lizzie was playing piano at Ryton Festival so we had to be up early and over by 9.30. It was a nerve racking experience but worth it - character building as they say. She won her solo class and is now the proud keeper of the The Campbell trophy until January 2014!!
She also performed a duet - they were very good and being the only performers in their class also won a trophy!!
Well done to both of them and as Lizzie won her solo class she was asked to perform at the final concert on 9th March - so we will both be performing at Charles Thorp on 9th - the choir I am in (The Gibside Singers) are performing in the afternoon and the concert starts at 6.30.
All good experiences and I feel better for going out and communicating with the outside world. It is easy to get reclusive in this weather and all I really want to do is dig a hole like a polar bear and stay there until Spring but to thrive I need company and conversation.
Hence I pulled myself together yesterday and met up with Annie Barr -  a friend with her own business - she is a most amazing woman and has taken her business to an international level- I really admire her determination and energy. I know she is guided by her deep Christian faith  and this means she works with integrity and true purpose.  Our meeting has energised me and I now need to put a couple of day courses together and see how they go.

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