Monday, December 10, 2012

What on earth is going on?

I am appalled and saddened by what has happened over the last week in health care environs.

The Chief Nursing Officer launches her initiative about care and compassion in nursing and it is not universally embraced. Nurses aren’t to blame for all the woes - once upon a time nurses ran the wards with authority and high standards. We were terrified to leave people without a wash, without a drink and without privacy and dignity. Sister would be at your side before you knew what had happened – the NHS is too busy and under resourced.

On Saturday the lady next to me in the choir collapsed at the end of our Christmas Concert. My immediate response was to keep her safe and also to make sure she was surrounded by fellow choir members so she was not on show to the audience. Fainting is one thing being gawped at another!! I am not sure it was my 30+ years of nursing that ensured I did this - it is just a basic human concern. My daughter has it and she is only 11!!

I am also saddened by what happened in London last week with the Duchess of Cambridge and the nurse who was so despairing after disclosing information she committed suicide. For God sake what is Society all about when an "innocent and silly idea” backfires badly and a professional feels so personally responsible she ends her life.  What about her managers, her colleagues - the DJs are receiving counselling - why was she not supported - disgraceful indictment of managers. Why don’t people think through the consequences of pranks and hoaxes – we don’t care enough about each other across society – it’s not just nurses.

Get it right before more this happens again!! 

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