Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mobile phones and driving

When I meet people and tell them about my blog and twitter name they go " oh surely you are not grumpy" - but I am so grumpy sometimes it bothers me. This morning sat at traffic lights I looked to my right to see the car driver texting away on her mobile phone. Well I always hate this - I try not to react and tell people off BUT I have a short fuse and often don't stop myself saying something. Well this morning was no exception and I took a quick photo of the offender which upset her greatly. I also embarrassed my daughter so in the spirit of reflexivity and self-awareness I am writing about it so I can stop over reacting and, more importantly, upsetting my daughter.

I react this way because testing whilst driving (even at traffic lights) means you are not paying attention to driving - I think that’s why it is a driving offence. It also makes me wonder what is so urgent that it needs texting now and how we now communicate with each other as a matter of urgency instead of communicating in a reflective and thoughtful style.

I have a low tolerance of what are seen as “mild offences” – like this one and parking on double yellow lines – some people don’t see what the fuss is about but I see it as a basic lack of consideration of ways of behaving to maintain “the order of things” in society.


Writing is a good way of moving on from rumination so that is why I have written his – the blog helps me write rather than thinking about writing!!


  1. I am exactly the same & I always wondered why these little things annoyed me, but I think you've hit the nail on the head with it being a lack of consideration.

    I am having a read through your posts & I think your blog is wonderful.