Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big School Angst

Well it was not as bad as I thought starting "big school" - just getting up earlier and getting jobs done by 10 a little disconcerting but determined to use time well. Seeing my friend Cath first thing is a great start to the day as well. Knowing you are not on your own with these changes is wonderful - we have been sharing this journey for 7 years.

Have discovered Moodscope   and Twitter are 2 good ways of interacting with others (or just listening and retweeting), observing yourself and learning - not bad in a week!!

Not sure which debates to get involved with yet? Hunt as Health Secretary (are they short of choices) or make sure care and compassion remain top of the list in preparing practitioners.

 Glorious walk in late summer sun this morning on reclaimed industrial land.
Watergate Park - Gateshead

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  1. ...morning Sue - lovely photo - changes afoot - exciting stuff though - x