Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ideas brewing

I am convinced that the weather has a lot to do with how I am feeling at the moment and also that when I look back I realise that I am usually a little frazzled by July – seems to be a recurring theme in my notebooks over the years. There may well be a pattern emerging and the academic year cycle may not suit me too well- another explanation to my ambivalent relationship with a job that from the outside really ought to suit me just fine.

Anyway have ideas for writing papers and also sharing projects and not sure where to start at the moment, still got one load of marking to go. Next year’s workload beckons and the same old same old will be required of me – repetition and low challenge are about the opposite to what makes me thrive as it is possible to be – BUT if I balance that with some exciting ventures into the coaching world and also see if I can get my act together in other arty directions.

Ideas for papers
  • Writing as inquiry for students writing essays
  • Reflexivity : reality or rhetoric in the caring professions?
  • Creative engagement in the classroom – perspective transformation, play or both?

I am hoping that if I write them down and start exploring the issues then I might get them written. I need to branch out into academic journals and see if I am acceptable to that audience. If not then I am going to self-publish on another blog and get the word out that I am having profound academic thoughts!!
A patch of blue sky!!

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