Friday, December 30, 2011

Second Day

Miserable day and really never got started today. Reported fly tipping to Council and they are going to look into it, so is the local Councillor.

Not had any creative thoughts or ideas to day just a lot of gloomy ones. Fits with the weather so maybe just have to run with it.

Keep wondering where any poetry might come from and also any levels of concentration that might allow me to read anything. Irritable and miserable which is not very nice at all.

Going to try some home baking tomorrow to lift the mood. I think I will be glad when this holiday period is over.

Dreading the rest of January but if i stop thinking too much and focus on getting assignment done and the marking then i can wait for some more creative energy to return – maybe at the end of the month when we meet again at Cober Hill.

At least I have made contact with guy who runs Poetry and Medicine Symposium as i think going to London for that would be a brilliant thing to do.

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